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SERMON OUTLINE > May 3-Jesus’ Amazing Desire to Touch the Hurting
May 3-Jesus’ Amazing Desire to Touch the Hurting

Observations about the lost and hurting…….

•   The best thing you can do for a HURTING friend is to bring him/her to Jesus.
> People without Jesus need help because they are SPIRITUALLY disabled.
> The hurting man had people around him that CARED.

Observations about physical handicaps……

•   Jesus was DRAWN to handicapped people.
•   There will not be a single handicapped individual in HEAVEN.
•   Physical healings Jesus performed are but illustrations of what He can do in the SPIRITUAL realm.

Observations about the amazing love of Jesus……

•   Jesus came to save the world, but He relates to each of us INDIVIDUALLY.
> Jesus does not save GROUPS of people together, He saves each person individually.
•   As a man, Jesus understands our PAIN.
> Jesus is moved to COMPASSION when we suffer.
* Jesus took this man ASIDE.
> Jesus touched the man at his POINT of pain.
> Sometimes we are so burdened we cannot EXPRESS WORDS in our prayers. God understands SIGH language.
> Jesus knew sickness and death had to YIELD to His holiness and power.

Observations about how we should respond…….

•   When Jesus has touched us, we must TELL OTHERS.
> We are not immune from pain and suffering, but we do have a choice about how we REACT and RESPOND.

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