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SERMON OUTLINE > 5/24/15-Every Scar Tells A Story
5/24/15-Every Scar Tells A Story

•   Scars tell the stories of our PAIN.

>PHYSICAL scars are reminders that although they were painful experiences, you are still alive.

>EMOTIONAL scars are invisible scars of a broken heart.

>HARDSHIP scars are incurred by those who embrace the ministry, hard work, and often suffering of the Christian life.

•   Scars may be signs of our SACRIFICE.

>The mark of OWNERSHIP (slave) is a testimony to our service and sacrifice for the Lord.

>The mark of LOYALTY (soldier) is a witness of our surrender to the Lord.

>The mark of IDENTITY (the Savior) is a powerful point of contact with the wounds of Jesus.

•   Scars remind us that God can HEAL our wounds.

>God will heal our wounds when we are humble and totally RELIANT upon Him.

>Every scar has a story and the scars of JESUS tell the greatest story ever told.

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