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SERMON OUTLINE > 5/31/15-Weathering the Storms of Compromise
5/31/15-Weathering the Storms of Compromise

In a fallen world…….

•   God will raise up unexpected HEROES.
>God can use NATURAL ability for His glory.
>People who we LEAST expect are people whom God uses to do wonderful things for His glory.

•   Christians who are faithful to God will encounter UNPLEASANT circumstances.
>Suffering is not an UNEXPECTED detour in God’s plan for our life, but is actually a par of God’s calling for us.

•   Christians must refuse to COMPROMISE our principles in obedience to God.
>The approach of ACCOMODATION—“we better go and do what they do.”
>The approach of ISOLATION—“we’re not going to get involved.
>The approach of OBEDIENT involvement—“like salt and light we influence our world where God has placed us.”

•   Take a STAND for the Gospel.
>Christians make a FIRM decision right from the start that makes us as people who will follow God’s principles.
>Christians are a TEST of the gospel.

•   Christians are WILLING to suffer for Christ
>For significant church GROWTH there has to be suffering.

Go into your world knowing…….
•   God is SOVEREIGN therefore you don’t need to be afraid.

•   LAYPEOPLE have a unique role in God’s plan for the world.

•   You must make a clear cut decision what OBEDIENCE means

•   God may call you to give up some things others consider NORMAL.

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