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SERMON OUTLINE > 6/7/15-Standing Firm in Faith DuringTremors inLife
6/7/15-Standing Firm in Faith DuringTremors inLife

Reasons to stand firm in faith……
•   Faith has an ETERNAL orientation.

•   Faith and FAITHFULNESS are used interchangeably in the New Testament.
>The assumption is that those who are faithful are those who go on being FULL of faith.

•   Faith is a growing, maturing, PROGRESSIVE thing.
>Faith is always having a SUPPLY of what is lacking.
>Faith is always being STRENGTHENED when things are shaky.
>Most of us need to be ENCOURAGED to stand firm.

Impediments to standing firm…….
•   The activity of SATAN.
>Satan’s main activity is putting OBSTACLES in the path of
Christians to prevent the will of God being accomplished through them.
>Satan’s second activity is his TEMPTING activity.

•   The advent of TRIALS.
>There is nothing UNUSUAL in Christian suffering.
>Those whom God LOVES He chastens and disciplines.
>Only through times of stress do we discover how WEAK we are.
>Only when we discover our weakness do we discover what it means to be strong IN HIM.

Incentives to stand firm……
•   Knowing that you are not ALONE, helps.
•   Knowing that you are PRAYED for.
•   Knowing that how you stand firm AFFECTS other people.
•   Knowing that one day you will be OUT of it and in His presence.
•   Knowing that god is working in your life that He might present you holy and BLAMELESS.

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