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SERMON OUTLINE > 6/14/15-Are You Just Living or Living Well?
6/14/15-Are You Just Living or Living Well?

God’s desire is that you……

•   Have MORE than you have now.
•   Do live really well and SUCCEED.
•   Possess the kind of FULFILLMENT He wants you to enjoy in the here and now.
•   Are living well: Experiencing God’s BEST for every area of your life.
•   Have VISION, a “revelation from God.”
•   Have WISDOM—the skill for living well.

Skill for living well……

•   Wisdom is often the OPPOSITE of our natural inclinations.
•   Obtaining wisdom requires EFFORT.

Truths of living well……

•   The focus of the book of wisdom, PROVERBS, is this life, not the next one.
•   The measure of living well is not MONEY.
•   Living well does not exempt us from PROBLEMS.
•   The purpose of living well is to GLORIFY God.

Living or living well……

•   You must DECIDE and make the effort to achieve God’s desire for your life.
•   Ask God to make your life a demonstration of the BENEFITS of living well.
•   Become a FOOL for Christ!

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