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SERMON OUTLINE > 6/21 & 6/28-Be Wise, Fear the Lord, Enjoy Life
6/21 & 6/28-Be Wise, Fear the Lord, Enjoy Life

The fear of the LORD is……
•   Awesome respect growing out of the greatness and power of God for His absolute final AUTHORITY over everything and everyone.
•   A deep seated reverence for God that causes men to want to please Him at ALL COSTS.

The descriptions of a “fool”……
•   Those who DENY God in speech, attitude, and action.
•   A fool is one who is obstinate and STUBBORN.
•   Fools are those who despise wisdom’s instruction and are MORALLY bankrupt and fleshly.
•   Fools trifle with the serious and GAMBLE away the joys of eternity for the lusts of time.

Motivations to “Fear the LORD”……
•   Fear of the Lord can lead to SALVATION.
•   Fear of the Lord is COMMANDED.
•   When we fear the Lord, we keep ourselves from SIN.
•   Fear of the Lord gets us through HARD times.
•   Fear of the Lord affects LIFE itself.
•   Fear of the Lord results in ANSWERED prayer.
•   Fear of the Lord produces a sense of SECURITY.
•   Fear of the Lord brings great BLESSINGS.

The decision---Fear or Fool…….
•   Walking in the fear of the Lord is an INDIVIDUAL decision.
•   Walking outside the fear of the Lord will bring His JUDGEMENT to bear on your life.
•   A life lived in the fear of the Lord will TELL on you.

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