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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/12/15-Trusting God's Security in an Unsafe World
7/12/15-Trusting God's Security in an Unsafe World

Relaxing in an Unshakable God……

•   You can relax when God is your REFUGE.
>In God’s nature is His desire to provide SAFETY and refuge for His people when they feel the crushing onset of crisis.
>God delights in spreading His PROTECTIVE wings and enfolding His frightened children.

•   You can relax when God is your STRENGTH.
>God is our source of power for ANY crisis or battle of life.
>RELAXING is a requirement for accessing God’s power.

•   You can relax when God is your PRESENCE.
>God never LEAVES us even when life goes into a ditch.

Our security…..

•   Is in God, not in this WORLD.
>When you are secure in God, you do not need the security of any other thing or PERSON.

•   Comes from our FAITH, not from our circumstance.
>Security is confidence and COURAGE in midst of trouble.

•   Is in ETERNITY, not in the present.
>Nothing that happens here can harm or change your relationship with God or your HOME in heaven.

Self examination…..

•   Whose power do I RESPECT more—power of my loving God or power of crisis?
•   Am I responding to trials based on FEELINGS or on the Bible?
•   Am I standing on God’s PROMISES or floundering on my feelings?

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