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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/19/15-The Miracle that Never Happened
7/19/15-The Miracle that Never Happened

Lessons from the men in Gethsemane….
•   The lesson from JUDAS:
>You can kiss the door of heaven and NEVER GET IN.
>He is a warning that you can have both religious association and religious participation and not really BE SAVED.
>He could have been saved, but he WOULD NOT.

•   The lesson from PETER:
>He made three mistakes:
   *He fought the wrong ENEMY.
   *He used the wrong WEAPON.
   *He had the wrong ATTITUDE.

•   The lesson from the ANGELS:
>Angels are most often described as MIGHTY warriors with swords.
>Angels are the mightiest warriors in the UNIVERSE.

•   The lesson from MALCHUS:
>You don’t have to live with your HURT.
>Jesus can touch you and HEAL you today.

Jesus did not call for rescue because…..
•   He LOVED you too much.
•   He was willing to suffer to ABSORB punishment for your sin.
•   The other great miracle could not have happened-- SALVATION.

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