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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/26/15-Treasury Notes in Heaven (am)
7/26/15-Treasury Notes in Heaven (am)

Treasures on Earth. . . .
•   Are good deeds done for the treasure of PUBLIC approval and accolades.
> GIVING that is not done in secret.
> PRAYER that is done to be seen or heard by others.
> FASTING done to impress or be seen by others.
•    Earthly treasure is what CAPTURES your heart.
•   Are the things we store on earth that are all subject to DECAY.

Treasures in Heaven…….
•   PEOPLE treasures: Those who are in heaven as a result of your gifts, prayers, and words.
•   GOOD WORKS treasures: Consist of God’s approval for good deeds done on earth.
•   The people helped by your good works and INVESTMENTS in their lives who will greet you in heaven.
•   HEAVEN itself is a final and rich reward.

Having the values of Christ……
•   Helps us know where the real REWARD lies..
> The things we see are temporary, while the things we don’t see are ETERNAL.
> Valuing what belongs to God helps us SET our treasures on things above.

•   Motivates us to freely GIVE.
> God does not tell us what to give, we must CHOOSE ourselves.
> FREEWILL giving is how we store treasures in heaven.

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