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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/16/15-How Does God See You?
8/16/15-How Does God See You?

•   God sees you as His PRECIOUS child.
>The evidence is at the CROSS.
>The evidence is that God placed His SPIRIT within you to lead you in a deeper relationship with Him day by day.

•   God sees you as His PERFECT child.
>God has JUSTIFIED you by His Grace.
   -Justified is different from being FORGIVEN.
>When you are justified, all RECORD of your sin is forever banished from the memory of the Lord.
-That condition can never be ALTERED.

•   God sees you as His PRIVILEGED child and servant.
>Because He has given you EARTHLY hope.
-You have the Lord’s inheritance today:
   ...The Lord is ALWAYS with you.
   ...The Lord has PROMISED to meet all your needs.
   ...He cares about all that I FACE in life.
   ...He LISTENS to me when I pray.
   ...It seems the Lord is doing His best to SPOIL me.
>Because He has given you ETERNAL hope.

•   God sees that you can be PROFITABLE in fulfilling His purpose for which He created, saved, and gifted you..
>God so desires to use your walk and WITNESS.
>God so desires to use you for His WORKS.

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