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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/23/15-The Blazing Fastball of Confidence
8/23/15-The Blazing Fastball of Confidence

What concrete actions reveal that a church or individual is committed to making the gospel and Christ known?

Concrete actions God is working ……..
•   People are committed to the work of the Lord when their HOMES are available as a place to meet.
>It is a sign that God is working in them in the MINISTRY of making Him known.

•   People are willing to take some HEAT for their faith.
>When you are willing to PAY A PRICE for the sake of the truth and righteousness you can be confident that:
................God is in you WORKING something good in your life.

•   When God is real and working in your life, you give your MONEY generously and consistently.
>You sense God working, His presence and you want to HONOR Him.

Concrete takeaways…..
•   PRAY and ask God if He would have you open your home for prayer, Bible study, or fellowship.
•   Actively look for ways to take a STAND for the Truth.
•   Lovingly and joyfully GIVE in order that God’s work will be strong.
•   Get INVOLVED in the church.

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