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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/6/15-Transforming Power of God's Word
9/6/15-Transforming Power of God's Word

Developing Righteousness and Happiness. (Matt 5:1-12;17-20.)

The Lord’s Life-Changing Message…….
•   It is possible for people in the Kingdom of God to be truly, deeply, profoundly HAPPY.
>“Makarios” is an INNER satisfaction that does not depend on outward circumstances for happiness.

•   It is possible for you to have complete JOY that no one, not even the worries of life, can take from you.
>Jesus promise that people who apply “makarios”:
   ---Have DIVINE approval.
   ---Make God PROUD.

•   Most people are looking for this supreme happiness (makarios) in the WRONG place.
>Our Creator-Jesus knows how LIFE works and what brings genuine “makarios” to your life.
>People who scorn the things of this world and work for the next LIVE blessed, “makarios” lives.

Personal challenges to achieve transformed lives…..
•   The values Jesus lists in the Beatitudes can only be lived out by CHRISTIANS.
•   The Beatitudes are a PACKAGE deal, not something to pick and choose from.
•   Jesus clearly implies our beliefs must impact our BEHAVIOR.

Prayer transformers…….
•   Teach, help and transform me to LIVE OUT the Beatitudes.
•   Make me a humble and merciful SERVANT.
•   Help me to LOVE people.
•   Help me to be a LIVING version of this sermon of sermons.

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