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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/13/15-The Poverty of Self-Sufficiency (am)
9/13/15-The Poverty of Self-Sufficiency (am)

•   “Makarios” is a SUPREME happiness, joy; an inner satisfaction that does not depend on outward circumstances for happiness.

Poor in spirit…..

•   Does NOT mean:
>LOW self-esteem, or feeling poorly about yourself.
>MATERIAL poverty, being poor in possessions or finances.

•   Is the OPPOSITE of self-sufficiency.
>Coming before God with EMPTY hands.
>The deep HUMILITY of recognizing your utter spiritual powerlessness and bankruptcy apart from Christ.
>Are those who are deeply conscious that they are lost and hopeless apart from the GRACE of Jesus Christ.

•   Is foundational to LIVING out the other Beatitudes.
>The Beatitudes are PROGRESSIVE and build upon each other.

•   Is necessary to ENTER the Kingdom of Heaven.

How to become poor in spirit…..

•   Daily, regularly, ask God to help you see your sin as SIN.
•   Do not COMPARE yourself to others.
•   Discipline yourself to DEPEND ON God for everything every day.

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