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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/20/15-The Gladness of Sadness
9/20/15-The Gladness of Sadness

SERIES: Transforming Power of God’s Word.

The Gladness of Sadness

The meaning of…….

•   “Makarios”: A supreme happiness, joy; an inner satisfaction that does not depend on outward circumstances for happiness.
•   “Pentheo”: The most heart-felt GRIEF that could be experienced; deep inner agony that causes the soul to ache and the heart to break.

Sorrow that leads to mourning…….

•   Mourning is not always considered a VIRTUE in our culture.
>The pursuit of HAPPINESS is our culture’s chief goal.
•   Mourning is an indication of what is truly IMPORTANT to us.
•   The things we mourn over show our MATURITY level.

Kinds of mourning to embrace……

•   We should lament the losses of LIFE.
>Grief over things that lead us to CRY-is therapeutic.
>Mourning is a great TEACHER.
> Often mourning pushes us CLOSER to God.

•   We should cry over the CONDITION of others.
•   We should mourn for the condition of the billions of people in this world who don’t know JESUS.
•   We should be sorrowful and mourn for OUR SINS.

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