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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/27/15-Strength Under Control (am)
9/27/15-Strength Under Control (am)

Biblical meekness…….

•   Biblical meekness does not refer to WEAKNESS.
>Biblical meekness requires SUPERNATURAL strength that is produced by God in a believer’s life.
>Biblical meekness is power in the right balance—power under CONTROL.

•   Biblical meekness results in blessed joy (makarios) in the man or Woman who is not SELF-controlled, but GOD-controlled.
>Blessed is the man or woman who moment by moment,
YIELDS their power, their life, their will to the will of God.

Walking in Meekness……..

•   Develop and embrace an ATTITUDE of humility and gentleness.
•   Meekly SUBMIT your life to the Word of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit, allow your life to be brought into conformity with its teaching.
•   Strive to be a truly SPIRIT-LED person.
•   SURRENDER your inclination or desire to defend your reputation.
•   Stop losing SLEEP over what others may think of you.
•   Give up the pursuit of your own interests and become a SERVANT of others.
•   Yield to God’s Word and ABANDON yourself to God’s purpose.

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