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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/4/15-Happy are those with a passion for God.
10/4/15-Happy are those with a passion for God.

SERIES: Transforming Power of God’s Word.

Earthly wells……

•   Many try to ease their hunger or thirst for eternal things with EARTHLY PLEASURES.
•   Some seek lasting satisfaction in PERFORMANCE.
•   Some seek to satisfy inner hunger thirst with POSSESSIONS.

Hunger and thirst Jesus preached…….

•   Jesus was talking about a desire for COMPLETE righteousness.
•   People who experience a ‘makarios’ kind of life are people who yearn to give God ALL of their lives.
>You must strive not to be happy, but absolutely HOLY, pure in thought, word, and deed.
•   Jesus was speaking of an INTENSE desire for a right relationship with God.
>Jesus came for the express purpose of SATISFYING this desire.

How to be satisfied…..

•   Radically change your DIET.
•   Make the commitment to give Christ COMPLETE control of your life. .
•   Re-affirm your commitment to be in the center of God’s will EVERY DAY.
•   If God is leading you to make a public decision, DO IT!

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