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SERMON OUTLINE > 10/25/15-The Prereq for Entering God's Presence
10/25/15-The Prereq for Entering God's Presence

The Prerequisite for Entering God’s Presence. (Matt 5:8)

Meaning of “purity of heart.”
•    “Purity of heart” is doing the right things with the right MOTIVES.
•   “Purity of heart is a PROCESS that begins when I understand fully who I really am.

>A SINNER in need of God’s grace and forgiveness.
>A SOUL that needs to be redeemed by God’s love.
>A LIFE that needs to be clean in God’s eyes.
>A HEART that needs to be filled with very presence God!

Blessedness of a “pure heart….
•   The purity of heart implies SINCERITY.
•   The purity of heart must imply CLEANSING.
•   Purity of heart implies TRANSFORMATION.

Attaining and sustaining a “pure heart”…….

•   Only way be pure at heart is to do it God’s way through
•   Regularly, daily, pray and give yourself to God for a heart CHECKUP.
•   Regularly, daily, you must read His Word and LIVE by the Word’s teaching.

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