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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/8/15-Living the Blessing No One Wants
11/8/15-Living the Blessing No One Wants

Important characteristics of the final beatitude…..

•   Jesus gives more SPACE to it than to any others.
•   Jesus PERSONALIZES this beatitude.
•   It is the only beatitude that includes a COMMAND.
•   It is the only beatitude with an EXPLANATION.
•   It is the only beatitude that is REPEATED.

Realities for a follower of Jesus……..

•   If you LIVE a Christian life you will endure persecution and hardship.
>There is a cost to be paid for FOLLOWING Jesus.
>Jesus did not teach a PROSPERITY gospel, but a persecution gospel.
•   It is possible to suffer persecution for the WRONG reasons.
>Some Christians are ridiculed because they:
?   -Are RUDE and obnoxious.
?   -Are SELF-righteous.
?   -Are living in SIN.
>Jesus promises to bless are only for those who identify with the Lord and LIVE OUT the principles of the beatitudes.

Reasons to “rejoice” in persecution……

•   The fact we are persecuted often shows we are on the RIGHT SIDE!
•   Our response to persecution DRAWS lost people to Jesus.
•   We know persecution won’t last long and there is an eternal REWARD that we know awaits us.

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