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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/22/15-Desperate for the Holy Spirit? (PM Srvc)
11/22/15-Desperate for the Holy Spirit? (PM Srvc)

Reasons to be desperate……

•   We have an ASSIGNMENT we cannot fulfill.
>In every assignment we have in the Christian life, we need CHRIST.

•   We have a PRIVILEGE we cannot forsake.
>Incredible, amazing truths:
...Jesus said, “I have called you FRIENDS.”
...Jesus has made known to us EVERYTHING He learned from His Father.
...Our life is a MEETING place with God.

•   We have a FAMILY we cannot forget.
>WE need you to pour out the power of Your Holy Spirit on US!

•   We have a God we cannot FATHOM.
>Once you have tasted of the Glory of God, there is an INSATIABLE desire in your heart for more & more.
>If we want to know fullness of His Glory, we will be DESPERATE for His Spirit.

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