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SERMON OUTLINE > 11/29/15-Raising the Bar on Righteousness
11/29/15-Raising the Bar on Righteousness

Flaws of the Pharisees…….

•   Their version of righteousness was SELF-glorifying
rather than GOD-glorifying.
>Jesus complimented the prayer of a man who knew
he was a sinner and ABSOLUTELY dependent on God’s grace.

•   Their version of righteousness was based on EXTERNAL appearance, rather than INTERNAL reality.

Jesus’ standard of righteousness….

•   Hateful anger, even our INNER thoughts can cause us fall short of God’s righteousness standard.
>In God’s eyes hateful words spoken in anger as well as the
thoughts that prompt them are treated like a CRIME.

When struggling with anger…….

•   ADMIT you are angry.
•   Bring anger out in light and EXPOSE it so you can deal with it.
•   Take definitive steps to CORRECT the problem.
•   Take definitive steps IMMEDIATELY.

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