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SERMON OUTLINE > 12/20/15-Two Words God Loves To Hear
12/20/15-Two Words God Loves To Hear

Kinds of Faith. . . . . .

•   NATURAL faith: Believing a bridge will support your car.
•   INTELLECTUAL faith: Expecting a good meal when you follow a recipe.
•   HISTORICAL faith: Believing George Washington was our 1st President.
•   SAVING faith: Exercising trust in Jesus for salvation.
•   MIRACULOUS faith: “Yes, Lord, I will trust you for the impossible.”

Exercise of Miraculous Faith. . . . . .

•   I will keep on TRUSTING!
>Perseverance and STUBBORN persistence is a KEY to miraculous faith.

•   I will BELIEVE without seeing any evidence!
>Jesus asked a very pointed question: “Do you believe I CAN DO THIS?”

•   I will TELL OTHERS about You!
>The blind men were COMPELLED to tell everyone about Jesus.

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