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SERMON OUTLINE > 1/10/16-Foundations of Christian Faith
1/10/16-Foundations of Christian Faith

Foundational Truth statements……

•   The Good Shepherd LEADS.
>Real, genuine Christianity is FOLLOWING Jesus.
>In our sinfulness we like to be IN CONTROL.
>We are to trust Him with EVERYTHING.

•   The Good Shepherd leads His followers (His sheep) to RIGHTEOUSNESS.
>God cares MORE about your MATURITY than He cares about your comfort or happiness.
>God cares MOST about your HOLINESS, your righteousness.
>God is ultimately producing His JOY in you.

•   The Good Shepherd leads His followers in paths of righteousness for His OWN GLORY.
>God exists to see His own Name glorified and WORSHIPED.
>God’s commands to follow and worship Him are loving INVITATIONS to you.
>The only way we can be led to righteousness is to understand that God must lead us to JESUS.

Only two possible paths to take……

•   Follow your OWN path that leads away from the Good Shepherd and eternal life with Him.
•   Follow the Good Shepherd to JESUS and eternal life with Him.

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