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SERMON OUTLINE > 1/17/16-The Shepherd Who Restores
1/17/16-The Shepherd Who Restores

Your Good Shepherd…….

•   Cares very deeply about your SOUL.
>Your soul can become DOWNCAST.
>A downcast soul needs HELP.

•   Wants to RESTORE your soul.
>When your soul gets downcast the Good Shepherd gives you an INVITATION to allow Him to restore your broken soul.
>The Good Shepherd will lead you to a place where you can “lie down” and be still and see His PRESENCE.
>The Good Shepherd is leading you every day to QUIET WATERS.

•   Has done everything to PROVIDE for your every need.

Experiencing a restored soul…….

•   SCHEDULE a time every day to have quiet time with God.
•   You need to have a definite PLACE to be alone with God.
•   You need to make a COMMITMENT, not to God, but to your own soul that:
>You are going to take CARE of it.
>You are going to do whatever it takes for your soul to be strong, healthy, and RECHARGED every day.
>You are going to put your soul in the place of the Good Shepherd where you can be still and quiet before Him so you can be RESTORED.

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