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SERMON OUTLINE > 1/24/16 -- Jesus Is Alive and Well!
1/24/16 -- Jesus Is Alive and Well!

Truths of the Book of Revelation……

•   God wants the words of Revelation UNDERSTOOD by those who read it.
•   John was INSTRUCTED by God to write what he had seen in the vision.
•   Revelation appeals to all five SENSES God has created in us.
•   It is essential to see each vision as part of the WHOLE picture.

Confidence and trust builders…….

•   Jesus Christ REIGNS with His Saints.
>The Almighty God, Creator of the universe, Heavenly Father of Jesus Christ, WAS AND IS in charge of everything that happens.
>There's nothing that can happen in your life that God cannot CONTROL.

•   Jesus Christ is PRESENT with His saints.
>Jesus was present with John and He was in FULL CONTROL of whatever situation that happened.
>His POWER is still almighty and never ending.

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