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SERMON OUTLINE > 1/31/16-The Shepherd Who Protects
1/31/16-The Shepherd Who Protects

God’s goals as your Shepherd …..

•   Is to keep the POWER of fear from overpowering you so you can get out of your valley.
•   Is ALWAYS to lead you out of your valley to the mountain top.

The valleys of life……

•   Sometimes the Lord LEADS us into a valley.
•   Valleys can trigger FEAR in your mind.
•   The Lord’s mission is to lead you through the valley in order to get you to His GOAL for you--the mountain top.
>The Shepherd is a STEP-by-STEP leading God.
>The Shepherd is a DAY by DAY leading God.
>When you are in the valley you must TRUST that the Shepherd is there with you and will lead you safely through.

The blessing of walking through the valley….

•   A valley has a way of drawing you into God’s PRESENCE.
>The deeper the valley, the CLOSER you want to get to the Shepherd.
>The darker the shadows, the longer you want to TALK to the Shepherd.
-Talk to God about your FEARS.
-Talk to your fears about GOD.

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