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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/7/16-Experiencing the Joy and Fullness of God
2/7/16-Experiencing the Joy and Fullness of God

God provides fullness by……

Carefully PREPARING His provision for you.
>The Lord of the universe has become a SERVANT.

God has prepared a FEAST at His table with the richest of foods for us to delight in.
>God’s feast is intended to quench the longings of our SOUL.
>Too often, instead of delighting in the feast God has provided, we find ourselves going to another TABLE!
........We pursue joy in all the WRONG PLACES that never quenches our desire for God’s joy and fullness.

In the presence of your enemies……

You can ENJOY the goodness and greatness of God even in the middle of difficult trials and circumstances.

The feast prepared for you at God’s table is none other than the BREAD OF LIFE—Jesus.

Jesus is the CENTERPIECE of the table God has prepared for you.

In God’s presence is where you experience the blessings and the FULLNESS of God to the point of overflowing.

You have been INVITED by God into His presence.

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