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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/21/16-Measuring Your Spiritual Growth
2/21/16-Measuring Your Spiritual Growth

Evidence of Spiritual Maturity Checkpoints……..

•   Developing spiritual maturity requires DOCTRINAL stability.
>The BIBLE is the measuring tool for our lives.
>We know we are growing in Christlikeness if we have a settled KNOWLEDGE of God’s written Word.
>Check yourself:
- Do I REGULARLY, systematically study the Bible alone in my personal devotions?
- Am I in a SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS where I study Scripture with other Biblically-grounded believers?
- Do I know the Bible well enough to “rebuke and correct” FALSE beliefs?

•   Spiritual growth requires AUTHENTIC relationships.
>LOVING someone enough to tell them the truth, even when it’s painful.
>Welcoming people who speak the truth to ME.

•   Spiritual maturity means FULL participation in the Body of Christ.
>Christianity is not a spectator SPORT.
>The Body grows as the INDIVIDUAL members grow and minister to and with each other.

•   Spiritual maturity means there is a growing capacity for LOVE.
>The more we become like Christ, the more we love ALL people.

Continue to mature by…
•   Ask the Lord to help you commit to grow in His IMAGE.
•   Become an ACTIVE participant in one of our ministries.

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