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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/28/16-The Process of Remodeling Your Life
2/28/16-The Process of Remodeling Your Life

My Proposition……
•   As Christians, you and I are being REMODLED by God Almighty Himself.
•   God took up residence inside of us, to CHANGE us into something absolutely amazing.

Critical thoughts to build on……
•   God loves you just the WAY you are and WHERE you are.
>God wants to safeguard you from RELIGION.
>Religion always approaches God with a RESUME of all
you can do.
>The problem with religion is that you never know where you STAND with God.
>Christ’s death on the cross has made you once for all ACCEPTABLE to God.

•   God refuses to LEAVE you where you are.
>God’s goal for you is to become like Jesus and to give you the MIND like Jesus.
>The more you become like Jesus, the more you become like the God who LIVES within you.
>You are a work in process and the process is RELATIONAL between you and God.

•   Knowing and loving Christ is the CATALYST to your growth.
>You are to grow by LISTENING to the Word of God.
>It really doesn’t matter where you are, the key is to stay in the PROCESS of construction.
>Your remodeling will not be FINISHED until you leave this world.

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