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SERMON OUTLINE > 2/28/16-The Certainty of the 2nd Coming
2/28/16-The Certainty of  the 2nd Coming

•   Begins with a TRINITARIAN benediction.
•   Is God’s LOVE letter to His churches.
•   It is the TRINITY’S wish for you to have grace and peace.
•   God is identified in TIME dimensions.
•   Reveals the “seven spirits” as the Holy Spirit in all of His FULLNESS.

The Risen Lord Jesus Christ…..
•   Is revealed as the FAITHFUL witness.
•   Is the one who rose in GLORY from having once been dead.
•   Is the only Sovereign God who sets LIMITS in which others must live.
•   LOVES us in the present tense.
•   Has provided a means by which persons can be saved from sin and its shackles of EVIL habits.
•   Has made us a “kingdom and priests” to HELP people in their agony and lostness to come to Jesus Christ for forgiveness and salvation.

Truths of the Second Coming…….
•   The NECESSITY of the Second Coming.
>Jesus will return and repeatedly warned believers to BE READY.
•   The GLORY of the Second Coming.
>It will be SUPERNATURAL as symbolized by clouds.
>Clouds symbolize the brilliant light that accompanies God’s PRESENCE.
•   The SCOPE of the Second Coming.
>His glory will be OBVIOUS to those in every age who share in indifference behind the act of the crucifixion.
•   The RESPONSE to the Second Coming.
>John affirms with a DOUBLE exclamation.
•   The CERTAINTY of the Second Coming.
>The Lord affirms His ever presence and His perfect POWER

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