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SERMON OUTLINE > 3/13/16-Children Under Construction
3/13/16-Children Under Construction

Shaping a child……
•   If we are going to shape a child, we have to shape it early while the mold is still WET.
•   We have to shape a child when they are young, when their minds are TEACHABLE.

My proposition…..
Whoever shapes the child when the mold is wet is the one who SHAPES the child.

Thoughts to contemplate……
•   Jesus LOVES the little children.
>People brought their little children to Jesus so Jesus could bless them with words of encouragement and CHANGE their lives.
•   Jesus has called US to do the shaping.
>Jesus wants our children to know that they are the CROWNING act of God’s creation.
>Jesus invites children to come to Him, but He wants us to INVITE children to Him.
•   Jesus knows if we don’t MAKE TIME for children, Satan will find somebody who will.

A vision for Pine Drive…….
•   To PARTNER with Christ to bring little children all over Dickinson to a saving knowledge of Christ so He can touch their lives forever.
•   To create a children’s ministry that is as EXCITING as Jesus.
•   To keep Jesus REACHABLE to children.

My agenda for Pine Drive…….
I’m looking for volunteers who will INVEST one hour a week in the children’s ministry at Pine Drive.

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