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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/3/16-How To Live a Great Story
4/3/16-How To Live a Great Story

Why are our storie's NOT so great…….

•   We cast the wrong MAIN character.
>>From Genesis to Revelation the story is about GOD.
>>The MOMENT God made the decision to give you life, your story started.
--God wants to take your little story and write it into His big story so that it becomes a great story that has EVERLASTING significance, purpose, and meaning.
--One day when your story is over you will stand before God and He will give the SYNOPSIS of your life.
>>God ALONE is the main character of His story.
--God created the SET of the story.
--God created the supporting cast—US.
--God entered onto the stage of His own story and took on FLESH.

•   We don’t know the story line of HISTORY.
>>History is the story of God on MISSION.
>>As a believer, God wants to WRITE you into His story.

•   We don’t see the ENTIRE story, we only see a piece of it.
>>The story of God is EVERLASTING.
>>You were made by God to live FOREVER.

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