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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/10/16-Seeing the Risen Lord! (pm service)
4/10/16-Seeing the Risen Lord! (pm service)

Setting of the Vision…..
•   John was EXILED to the Island of Patmos.
•   John’s CONDITION would have involved harsh, exhausting labor, insufficient food and clothing, and having to sleep on the bare ground.
•   John received the vision on SUNDAY, the Lord’s Day, commemorating the resurrection of Christ.

Unfolding of the Vision…..
•   The trumpet is always used in Scripture a compelling WAKE-UP CALL to God’s people.
>>The trumpet signaled the PRESENCE of God.
>>The trumpet called God’s people to action or BATTLE.
>>The trumpet called God’s people to WORSHIP.
>>The trumpet signaled impending JUDGMENT of God.

•   Christ discloses seven aspects of the Lord’s ongoing MINISTRY to His church.
>>Christ EMPOWERS His church.
>>Christ INTERCEDES for His church.
>>Christ PURIFIES His church.
>>Christ SPEAKS authoritatively to His church.
>>Christ CONTROLS His church.
>>Christ PROTECTS his church.

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