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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/10/16-God's Call To Be His Voice (am service)
4/10/16-God's Call To Be His Voice (am service)

My propositions ……..

•   Your Creator, God Almighty, wants you to LIVE a great story.
•   Becoming the voice for God is the PATHWAY to living a great story.

Truths of God’s call ……

•   It is through our voice that people BELIEVE.
>>There is a GAP of unbelief between people and Jesus.
>>We, you and I, are called by God to SPAN the gap.

•   God’s Spirit and Presence is in you to encourage and COACH you to become what He has called you to do as His voice.
>>God’s Spirit coaches us from the INSIDE out.
>>God coaches us relationally, personally, and INTIMATELY.

To become the voice of God….

•   We must tell people God’s STORY.
>>We are to WITNESS that the Son of God can take away their sins.
•   We must tell them OUR story.

HOW can I be His Voice ?……..

•   Use the Pine Drive INVITE card.
•   Join the Pine Drive STREET team. (The most devoted, unashamed, sold-out Pine Drive fans who are willing to do whatever it takes to invite people to Pine Drive.)
>>Commit to inviting FIVE people each month to Pine Drive.
>>Commit to VBS –inside and outside of Pine Drive.

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