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SERMON OUTLINE > 4/17/16-Story of Your Life - Best Seller?
4/17/16-Story of Your Life - Best Seller?

Serving Concerns…..
•   PHYSICALLY I can’t serve.
•   I’m too OLD.
•   I have this huge BAGGAGE that I carry.

My propositions…….
•   If you say you “love God” and He is number one in your life, then there should be a reflection and there should be FRUIT coming from your life.

•   There is a COST to pay to follow and serve Jesus Christ.

•   By using your UNIQUE gift for God, a best seller will be written about your life.
>>For believers there is JOY and blessing when we serve God.
>>For believers our life will COUNT and our story will be remembered after we are dead.

Write your “best seller” by…..
•   Fully expressing your SURRENDER to God.
>>Offer your BODY.
>>Offer your MIND.
>>Offer your WILL.

•   Completely ENGAGE in service for Christ.
>>You will be FRUITFUL.
>>You will be FULFILLED.
>>Pine Drive Community Church will be FORTIFIED.

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