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SERMON OUTLINE > April 24, 2016-A Respite from the Battle
April 24, 2016-A Respite from the Battle

A Respite from the Battle (Acts 20:7-12.)

The Importance of the Lord’s Supper. . . . .

•   When you take the Lord’s Supper you are SITTING DOWN with Jesus.
...We come to HIS table.
•   We are reminded of our MISSION and why we are here.
...We are here because Jesus died to forgive our sins and CHANGE our lives.
...Our mission is to TELL everyone what Jesus means to us.

The Lord’s Army. . . . .

•   The Lord’s Supper is for the Lord’s SOLDIERS---Christians.
•   Come together to prepare for BATTLE.
...We gain strength from our numbers and POWER from our unity.
...We close ranks (come closely together, shoulder to shoulder, back to back) to WATCH our brother’s and sister’s back.

•   Individually EXAMINES themselves before eating.
•   Never takes the Lord’s Table for GRANTED.

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