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SERMON OUTLINE > 5/1-16-Overcoming Conflict
5/1-16-Overcoming Conflict

SERIES: This is My Story.
Overcoming Conflict Makes A Captivating Story. (John 1:18-34.)

My proposition…….
•   We all want to live a GREAT, captivating story.

To live a great story……
•   Do not WRITE conflict out of your story.
>>A great story consists of a character, you, who wants something and OVERCOMES conflict to get it.
>>Conflict can trigger DOUBT.
...There was a GAP between what John expected God to do and what God actually delivered.
...In conflict you have to decide what you are going to put into the gap: DOUBT or TRUST.
>>When you stand in the gap between doubt and trust, you are standing in place of the greatest CONFLICT.
...The greatest story is when we trust God when He DOESN’T put in the gap what we wanted.

•   When you go through conflict, God is WATCHING your story.
>>>Peace of mind is knowing the PRESENCE of God in your conflict.
>>>When you are going through conflict you need to remember the END.
>>>When you take the story of your conflict and place it into God’s STORY, the story of your conflict makes sense.

To decide…….
•   Is your story a part of God’s ETERNAL story?

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