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SERMON OUTLINE > 5/15/16-When God Calls
5/15/16-When God Calls

My Proposition……
•   There is something in you and there is something in me that WANTS to live a better story.

Thoughts to living a great story……
•   Most people live a DEAD END story.
   Without Christ in the story of your life THAT IS the story of your life.

•   God CALLS us to live a greater story.
   If you want to live a great story you have got to be in the right PLACE.

   You and I are the RIGHT people, in the right place to live a
great story for God.

   Your calling from God is to CHANNEL His blessings to others and be a blessing to them.

   Even if you consider your story to be ordinary and inadequate, it doesn’t excuse you from the responsibility of PERSONAL witnessing and blessing.

   Keeping God’s blessings and gifts for selfish purposes is a serious SIN.

Open the windows of Heaven while YOU can…..
(Why sit here until we die?)

•   Do not be SATISFIED with getting and sitting—do something.

•   Make your life a truly great story by going and TELLING.

•   BELIEVE the Word and promises of God.

•   Accept God’s blessing by FAITH.

•   CHOOSE today a ministry opportunity at Pine Drive.

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