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SERMON OUTLINE > 5/22/16-Ephesus Church that lost it's Fire -pm ser
5/22/16-Ephesus Church that lost it's Fire -pm ser

•   While love for Jesus Christ will always be present in true Christians, it can fluctuate in its INTENSITY.
•   The Ephesian church FOUNDED the other six churches.
•   When people’s lives are changed, people go where there is LIFE.

•   John spent the last decades of his life at Ephesus, from which he likely wrote his THREE epistles.
•   John was likely LEADING the Ephesian church when he was arrested and exiled to Patmos.
•   Was the CENTER of the worship of the goddess Artemis

The Commendation……
•   Christ commended the Ephesian believers for their:
>LABOR to the point of exhaustion.
>Perseverance and patience in that despite of their circumstances they remained FAITHFUL to their Lord.
>Maintaining a high, holy standard of behavior and were sensitive to SIN.

The Concern……
•   While they maintained their doctrinal purity and served Christ, that service had turned MECHANICAL.
•   Their loss of a vital love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ opened the doors to spiritual APATHY & indifference to others.

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