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SERMON OUTLINE > 5/22/16-Faith, Forged by Fire (am service)
5/22/16-Faith, Forged by Fire (am service)

My Proposition……
•   There is a CLEAR connection between severe trials in our life and a stronger faith, a faith forged by Fire, in God.

Trials—the tough times of life…….
•   Severe trials are painful and must be EXPECTED.

•   Trials are not a sign of the absence of God in your life, they are a sign of the ACTIVITY of God in your life.
>Trials do not weaken our faith, trials strengthen and REINFORCE our faith.
>Authentic faith, faith forged by Fire, is CONTAGIOUS.

•   Severe trials and persecution develop a MATURE faith.
>Mature faith is totally FOCUSED on God.
>Mature faith is when you are walking through the world horizontally, but always s looking VERTICALLY to God.

•   Severe trials develop a COMPLETE faith.
>You begin to realize that God is really all you EVER NEED.

Forging your faith……
•   REFRAME the way you see your trials.
•   PRAY, asking God for strength and for His wisdom.
•   THANK God for your trials.

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