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SERMON OUTLINE > 5/29/16-The Cost of Living the Christian Life
5/29/16-The Cost of Living the Christian Life

The Cost of Living the Christian Life. (2 Timothy 2:1-9)

My Proposition…..

•   While there is a cost to living the Christian life, for those willing to pay that cost, the CONTINUED grace of God will make the seemingly impossible possible.

The Cost. . . . .

•   The Christian life requires STRENGTH through God’s grace.
>>>All of Christian life is characterized by DEPENDENT responsibility.
>>>You have the responsibility to strengthen yourself to be READY for vigorous, active service for the Lord.
>>>You are not required to call upon your own strength to do your best, but you are called to be utterly dependent on the GRACE that is in Christ Jesus.

•   The Christian life requires HARDSHIP.
>>>To live the Christian life you must not only expect hardship, but you are to EMBRACE it.
>>>Have a mindset that expects hard work and SUFFERING in the gospel life as you minister in the calling God has given you.

•   The Christian life requires REMEMBERING the truth about Jesus.
>>>Jesus sacrificed His life and was resurrected so that we might have the freedom to CHOOSE to live rather than die.

The application . . . .

•   Frequently REMEMBER the wonders of the past.

•   CELEBRATE the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

•   OPEN your heart to even greater works God wants to do in, for, and through you in the future.

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