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SERMON OUTLINE > 6/5/16-Testing Faith: How to Withstand Temptation
6/5/16-Testing Faith: How to Withstand Temptation

Testing Your Faith: How to Withstand Temptation (James1:13-18)

My Proposal……
•   If we doubt God and do not respond in faithful obedience to His Word, we hold the blame for any EVIL effects of trials in our lives.

Three-fold warning……
•   Don’t be SURPRISED by temptation.
•   Don’t be CONFUSED by temptation.
•   Don’t be DECEIVED by temptation.

Questions regarding temptation……
•   WHO is responsible?
>>>We have no one to blame but OURSELVES.
>>>God is perfectly SINLESS.
>>>We are utterly SINFUL.

•   What EXACTLY is temptation?
>>>Temptation is a four-step PROCESS.
>>>Temptation begins with DESIRE
>>>Temptation leads to DECEPTION.
>>>Temptation begins our formulation to DESIGN plans.
>>>Temptation results in DISOBEDIENCE.
>>>Temptation ends in DEATH.

How you can win this civil war…….
•   Stay away from enemy LINES.
•   Stay close to fellow and sister SOLDIERS.
•   Learn to use our WEAPON: the Sword of Truth.
•   Get to know, trust and FOLLOW our Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ.

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