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SERMON OUTLINE > 6/12/16-Faith Forged by Fire
6/12/16-Faith Forged by Fire

My Proposition……

The bottom line of true spiritual life is not a momentary feeling of compliance or commitment but long-term OBEDIENCE to Scripture.

How do we respond to God’s Word?
•   Receive the Word HUMBLY.

>>We often approach the Word TALKING instead of listening.
>>We often begin to twist God’s Word to fit our LIFESTYLES.
>>God has written the Word in your HEART.

•   REMEMBER the Word Constantly.

>>Look into the Word of God INTENTLY.
>>Let the Word of God SATURATE and ABSORB into you.

Pastoral Encouragement . . . . .
•   Do not merely listen to the Word, OBEY the Word without fail.
•   CULTIVATE a desire to learn and obey the Word of God.
•   Memorizing the Word of God radically changes our CHRISTIANITY.

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