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SERMON OUTLINE > 2016-6-12 -- Church in Smyrna (pm service)
2016-6-12 -- Church in Smyrna (pm service)

My Proposition…….
Suffering is a better teacher than prosperity! Like the crushing of flowers; it is in the crushing that the fragrance is released to bless others nearby.

The City of Smyrna…..
•   Now modern Izmir, Turkey, was the CENTER of culture.
•   Was also a center of the emperor CULT where the first temple was built to worship the emperor.
•   Had a large group of Jewish citizens that were very HOSTILE to the Christians.
•   Smyrna literally means , “Bitter” or “MYRRH.”

The Commendation…..
•   Christ commends this church for her patient endurance and FAITHFULNESS in the midst of bitter persecution.

The Pressure……
•   The uncompromising Christians entered into abject POVERTY.
•   The uncompromising Christians lost their means of living and their ACCEPTANCE by others outside the Church.
•   The pressure, stress level, continually increased to even DEATH for those who were Christians.
•   Stripped them of focusing on material things and allowed them the FREEDOM to focus on spiritual things.

The Blessing……
•   The CROWN of Life.
•   No HURT from the second death.
•   Their TESTIMONY would strengthen others throughout generations to hold fast to Christ.

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