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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/10/16-Identifying Indicators of True Religion
7/10/16-Identifying Indicators of True Religion

My Proposition……
The person who trusts in church services and activities, sooner or later will expose his faithlessness with his mouth, because he does not have the INNER POWER to keep a tight rein on his tongue.

The Marks of True and Acceptable Religion…
•   Controlled SPEECH that displays a changed heart.
>>>The TONGUE is the test of true religion.
>>>The person who practices OUTWARD religion without inner control:
...DECEIVES himself and His religion is worthless.

•   Sacrificial CARE for those in need.
>>>They are in NEED.
>>>We must not NEGLECT them.
...Obeying God’s appeal demands more than an occasional visit, it demands genuine compassion and TRUE engagement.

•   Clear SEPARATION from the ways of the world.
>>>We are captivated by the GLORY of Christ.
...We see His SUPREMACY over the wealthy.
...We remember His SACRIFICE for the needy.

>>>We are gripped by the GRACE of Christ.
...Christ reverses our STATUS in this world.
...Christ transforms our STANDARDS in this world.

>>>We are devoted to the LAW of Christ.
...Favoritism DISRESPECTS man.
...Favoritism DISHONORS God Himself.

>>>We are cognizant of the JUDGMENT of Christ.
...Our WORDS will be judged.
...Our DEEDS (or lack thereof) will be judged.

>>>We are a reflection of the MERCY of Christ.
...As we have RECEIVED mercy, so we EXTEND mercy.
...If we do not EXTEND mercy, we demonstrate that we have not RECEIVED mercy.

The Manifestation of True and Acceptable Religion…
   Faith always expresses itself through LOVE.

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