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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/17/16- Indicators of True Religion (part 3)
7/17/16- Indicators of True Religion (part 3)

Identifying Indicators of True Religion. (Part 3). (James 1:25-26)

My Proposition……
The person who trusts in church services and activities, sooner or later will expose his faithlessness with his mouth, because he does not have the INNER POWER to keep a tight rein on his tongue.

The Marks of True and Acceptable Religion…
•   Controlled SPEECH that displays a changed heart.
>The TONGUE is the test of true religion.
>The person who practices OUTWARD religion without inner control:
...DECEIVES himself and His religion is worthless.

•   Sacrificial CARE for those in need.
>They are in NEED.
>We must not NEGLECT them.

•   Clear SEPARATION from the ways of the world.
>We are captivated by the GLORY of Christ.
...We see His SUPREMACY over the wealthy.
...We remember His SACRIFICE for the needy.
>We are gripped by the GRACE of Christ.
...Christ reverses our STATUS in this world.
...Christ transforms our STANDARDS in this world.
>We are devoted to the LAW of Christ.
...Favoritism DISRESPECTS man.
...Favoritism DISHONORS God Himself.

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