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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/24/16-Pergumum - The Worldly Church
7/24/16-Pergumum - The Worldly Church

The CITY…..
•   Pergamum was the “Citadel” considered Asia’s GREATEST city.
•   Pergamum was the important center of culture and LEARNING.
•   Pergamum was a center of WORSHIP for four of the main gods of the Greco-Roman world.

The COMMENDATION….. (2:12-13)

•   The Christians in Pergamum remained true to the NAME of Jesus in the midst of emperor worship.
•   The Christians did not RENOUNCE their faith even when Antipas, a leader in the church was killed.

The CONCERN (14-15)…..

•   Their WILLINGNESS to hold to the teachings of Balaam!
•   They, Niccolatians, emphasized the "FREEDOM" in
Christ Paul had taught but took it to the extreme.(15)

The COMMAND(16-17)…..

•   Repent, the only REMEDY for sinful behavior.

The COUNSEL(17)….
•   Repent or be JUDGED by the Word of God.
•   Christ promises to provide SPIRITUAL sustenance for those who put their faith in Him.

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