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SERMON OUTLINE > 7/31/16-When the Lord Gives You His Piercing Stare
7/31/16-When the Lord Gives You His Piercing Stare

When the Lord Gives You His “Piercing Stare!” (Luke 22:61-62)

Stages of the “Piercing Stare” of Christ……….
•   The PIERCING Stare.
>The Lord made a DELIBERATE effort to establish eye contact with Peter.
>For this highly magnified moment in time no one else EXISTED in the world but Jesus and Peter.
>Jesus stares at EACH OF US on occasion.

•   The UNCONTAINABLE memory.
>Peter had little CHOICE in remembering the Lord’s statement regarding his denial.
>When memories surface, we are often overwhelmed by:
...The influence and the FORCE with which these memories flood our mind.
>Truthful memories must be FACED.

•   The CRUSHING Reality.
>Peter’s heart was BROKEN terribly by his action.
>Peter was not as TOUGH as he thought.
>Peter was not all he thought he was, nor what he WANTED to be.

When the Lord Gives You His “Piercing Stare” respond by ……
•   LOOKING to the Lord with all your troubles, stumbles, and sin.

•   BOWING before Lord in repentance and humility.

•   Asking God to EXAM your heart to be sure you have dealt with your sins and failures.

•   Considering your DESTINY if you are not saved and ask Christ to save you now and for all eternity.

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