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SERMON OUTLINE > 8/28/16-Thyatira: Jezebel’s Congregation
8/28/16-Thyatira: Jezebel’s Congregation

"Thyatira: Jezebel’s Congregation" (Part 1) (Revelation 2:18-29.)

The City…..
•   Thyatira was a BUFFER city 30 miles from Pergamum.

•   Was the SMALLEST of the 7 cities with a small military garrison.

•   LYDIA, first convert to Christianity in all of Europe lived there.

The Commendation…..
•   The believers were showing LOVE for God and for one another.

•   Christ commended them for their FAITHFULNESS.

The Condemnation……
•   The church had a woman who FALSELY claimed to be a prophetess having special revelations from God.

•   Jezebel was leading the church to COMPROMISE in the areas of fornication and idolatry.

•   The church VIOLATED the biblical teaching that women were not to be teachers or preachers in the church.

•   They listened to and BELIEVED what the false prophetess said.

The Command……
•   REPENT, it is the only remedy to avoid the wrath of God.

•   To those who have not compromised their faith, HOLD ON to your faith.

The Important Truths…..
•   Practicing and TOLERATING sin is serious and will be judged.

•   A pattern of OBEDIENCE marks true Christians.

•   In spire of struggles with sin and error in churches, Christians will experience all the FULLNESS of Christ in His kingdom.

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