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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/11/16-The Need for Wisdom in Speech and Life
9/11/16-The Need for Wisdom in Speech and Life

My Proposition………

•   Believers with true spiritual wisdom:
>Avoid ENVY and selfish ambition.
>Produce PEACE by good deeds practiced with humility.

Two Pictures of Wisdom…

•   Worldly wisdom…
>Comes from HELL.
>Motivated by SELF-CENTERED ambition in order to promote a cause in an unethical manner.
>Results in DISORDER and evil.

•   Godly wisdom…
>Comes from HEAVEN.
>Motivated by GOD-CENTERED humility.
>Results in peace and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Demonstrating Godly wisdom……

•   Speak only the TRUTH no matter the cost.
•   Pray and claim God’s grace to control your TONGUE.
•   Let your words be supported by credible DEEDS.

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