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SERMON OUTLINE > 9/11/16-Sardis: The Danger of Spiritual Deadness
9/11/16-Sardis: The Danger of Spiritual Deadness

Evening Service
Sardis: The Danger of Spiritual Deadness (Rev 3:1-6)

The City…….
•   Sardis was a fabulously WEALTHY city located thirty mouths south of Thyatira in the fertile valley of the Hermus River.

•   Sardis stood on a hill some fifteen hundred feet above the valley floor, making it nearly INVINCIBLE.

•   Sardis’ history of easy wealth and seeming invincibility caused an attitude of LAXNESS and overconfidence.

•   When Jesus wrote Sardis was prosperous but DECAYING.
>Both the city and the church had lost their VITALITY.

The Commendation…..
•   There was a REMNANT who could come into God’s presence because they had not defiled themselves, but had shown godly character.

The Condemnation……
•   Though it’s outward appearance may have fooled others, Christ pronounced the Sardis church DEAD.
>It was defiled by the world, marked by inward decay, and populated by UNBELIEVING people playing church.

The Command to the faithful remnant…….
•   Wake up! There is no time for INDIFFERENCE.

•   STRENGTHEN the things that remain, which are about to die.

•   REMEMBER what they had received and heard.

•   Reaffirm the truths of Scripture and KEEP them.

•   REPENT with great sorrow.
The Counsel……..
•   The promise awaiting the faithful:
>They will be clad in a WHITE garment.
>They will have their NAME written in the book of life.
>Their name will be CONFESSED before the Father and angels.

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